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Criminal Defense

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A criminal conviction in Oklahoma carries with it not only penalties that can include fines, jail time and loss of rights, but also long-term costs and consequences that are not always obvious. Getting help from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Nichols Hills, OK is crucial to get the charges reduced or dismissed. The Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorneys at OKC Defense in Nichols Hills, OK and Oklahoma City, OK provide professional criminal defense services. Our Nichols Hills Criminal Defense Lawyers are highly experienced and they understand the criminal laws in Oklahoma. If you need a lawyer who can provide Criminal Defense in Oklahoma City, OK, contact us at (405) 256-4124 to speak with our Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Attorney. We provide Free Consultation to clients.

General Information:

Drug Charges:

You can lose your right to drive or own a firearm.

You may have trouble getting a job or a loan.

If you’re arrested again in the future, the penalties for another conviction can be even more severe.

For cases large or small, depend on a committed Oklahoma City Criminal Defense attorney. We represent clients against felony and misdemeanor charges. We also provide criminal law guidance for clients seeking to expunge prior convictions and clear their criminal records.

In every case, our Oklahoma City criminal defense team focuses its attention on getting the best result possible, and we aren’t afraid to take your case in front of a judge if that’s what it takes. If you have been charged with a crime, you should seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney with a proven record. We will fight in and out of the courtroom for you.

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